Okay, SO many people are saying that Harry Potter is better than Twilight. That’s SO not true!

Twilight is a timeless tale of love, then love lost and found again. It shows how love can get you through everything. It’s such a sweet story about the things people do for love, like Bella goes all the way to Italy to save Edward from the Volturi, for instance.

Also, Twilight is MUCH more creative, I mean, Stephenie Meyer created a new kind of Vampire, instead of just using a stereotypical, Dracula type Vampire. I mean, they sparkle, how awesome is that? Plus, they’re MAJORLY hot instead of being creepy. And the werewolves aren’t your typical “full-moon-flesh-eater” type. It shows that Stephenie Meyer is actually creative while JK Rowling has no original ideas at all.

Twilight is just so sweet and romantic, a fabuous, timeless tale that will likely be around forever. Harry Potter is just a mashup of crazy ideas, bizarre things, weird, freaky characters, and has no plot. TWILIGHT 4 EVER!

Also, Harry Potter teaches you:

  • It’s ok to drop out of school and go hunt a crazy, murderous maniac by yourself, and not even go with an adult or anything.
  • Violence is totally cool.
  • Death is no big deal, and happens all the time.
  • Just because you’re an orphan since some guy killed your parents, it’s okay to be a jerk to your friends and accuse them of “not getting it”.
  • It’s okay to escape from jail.
  • Don’t trust your government. In fact, just go ahead and reject them completely!
  • It’s okay to break the rules.
  • It’s okay to shout at and be rude to teachers and other authority figures.

And seriously, the books are also all depressing. Lots of good characters die, which isn’t cool. And they’re just full of violence, and ridiculous plans. Also, it’s just so ridiculous, I mean, Magic is impossible. And there’s no way you could seriously just “apparate” dissappear and reappear somewhere else. And if you tried to hop in a fire to go someplace, “Floo Powder”, you’d burn your face off. It’s just crazy, whereas the scenarios in Stephenie Meyers Twilight series are more realistic and likely to happen.

Also, Twilight has:

  • Robert Pattison, can you say HOT? And he’s totally sexy when he sparkles!
  • Taylor Lautner, I mean, have you SEEN those muscles?
  • Kristen Stewart. An extremely talented and beautiful actress, with loads of potential.
  • The Volturi. REALISTIC Villains, instead of insane freaks in cloaks, like Voldemort and the Death Eaters

Harry Potter isn’t all bad, I mean, they DO have:

  • Robert Pattison as Cedric Diggory. The ONE thing the producers got right! Don’t even try to deny you don’t rewind just to watch his scenes again!
  • Lucius Malfoy. Hot, even for an older guy!

And that’s about it. Seriously, you want QUALITY literature and movies, watch Twilight. I mean, I don’t HATE Harry Potter or anything, It’s just like, NOTHING compared to the literary BRILLIANCE that is Twilight!

You know it’s true!


Peace Out!


Preppy Gurl