Bellatrix Lestrange Sucks. She’s evil, nasty, murderous, and just plain bad. I can’t stand her, she’s my least favorite Harry Potter character, I hate her even more than I hate Voldemort!!!!

First off, she KILLED Sirius Black! Not only was Sirius a great character, Harry’s last “relation”, and a great guy, he was kinda hot too. Seriously!

Also, she’s insane, psycho, and ugly. In her mug shot, she looks like a hobo, see picture.

 Also, she dresses like a psycho goth. I mean, seriously, WHY rip up perfectly good clothes like that? Her clothes are all black, she looks like a goth witch. and the hair…..UGH! *shudder* Her clothes are all crazy and shredded, she looks like a three-year old made her dress, it’s HIDEOUS!  (See picture)Plus she’s insane and psycho, which is awful. She screams, cackes maniacally, and runs around screaming and cursing people for fun. Ew! And she’s ugly, because she’s played by Helena Bonham Carter. *shudders*. AND she LIKES to cause people pain. That’s just PSYCHO and NASTY! She’s so damn EVIL. And she likes setting things on fire.

So she ENJOYS:

  • Causing INNOCENT people pain
  • Killing INNOCENT people
  • Setting things on fire
  • Being in Jail. I mean SERIOUSLY! She should’ve just denied it, and she wouldn’t have had to go to Azkaban! SIMPLE!
  • Laughing evilly
  • Being a nasty, skanky bitch

Those should be REASON ENOUGH to hate her! I mean, she’s PSYCHO! And evil!

If you want a GOOD movie character, go for Bella Swan from Twilight. now SHE is beautiful, and Kristen is very talented.

Bellatrix sucks. Plus, she supports VOLDEMORT! EWWWW! Voldemort is even UGLIER than Helena Bonham Carter, and THATS SAYING SOMETHING!

Also, Bellatrix is stupid and paranoid. She murders a fox because she thinks it MIGHT be an auror, and she flips out over EVERYTHING, has MAJOR anger-management issues, and if her dress was ANY lower cut, people would think she was a hooker. And she’s dumb, because she hates all her fellow Death Eaters, I mean, SERIOUSLY, you’re on the same side for gods sake! Also, Bellatrix gets to hang out with HOT Lucius Malfoy all the time, and she’s a bitch to him seriously.

Anyways, that’s why Bellatrix Lestraneg sucks. I mean. HONESTLY, HOW could anyone like her?