Okay, so everyone in their comments has been saying that Kristen Stewart is Ugly and can’t act, and that Bella Swan is a weak character. Ridiculous!

First off, Kristen Stewart IS pretty. She is unique looking, and can totally look amazing, even if she looks plain in the Twilight movies and some other times too. Just look at the picture on the left for proof.

Also, for those of you who say Kristen can’t act? Odds are, you’ve ONLY seem her in Twilight. Don’t hate on her just because she plays Bella Swan. Kristen captures the character of Bella Swan perfectly. Kristen has also starred in movies such as “The Runaways”, and “Adventureland”. Try watching those movies, and THEN reconsider her acting skills. While Bella Swan may not be the STRONGEST character in Twilight, she is still interesting and rather deep. Just because you don;t like Bella and Kristen plays Bella, you can’t judge her on that.

Bella Swan is also NOT a weak character. She has a lot of tough stuff in her life. Her mom is chasing after another guy, and though it was sort of odd that she decided to go to Forks, she did what was best for her and her mom, especially considering that her mom and the baseball player would have been moving around a lot.

Also, Bella has to overcome the challenge of starting at a new school in the first Twilight book. Though she is instantly popular, it’s still difficult to start over in a new place.

Another thing is, to all who say Twilight is sexist, like how Bella always does housework and cooking for her father? Well her father works all day. And he’s a police officer, which means you should respect him more, since he works to uphold the law. He comes home late, and is likely tired after his long day at work. Bella making him dinner is just a common courtesy, not sexism.

Also, To those who say Edward is being a creepy stalker by following Bella and watching her sleep? That’s really romantic and devoted. I mean, she’s sleeping, it’s probably pretty boring to just watch someone sleeping, and nothing else. That shows how much he cares for her, loves her, and wants to protect her.

And Twilight is NOT selling sex. Bella only tries to get Edward to sleep with her once or twice in Eclipse and that’s it. Also, the explicit scenes are glossed over in Breaking Dawn, clearly Stephenie Meyer is not encouraging it. And Bella’s fight to save her baby shows how much she cares, and what a strong, passionate character she is. She also manages to do what SHE wants, and not let Edward push her around that time. While teenage pregnancy is NOT encouraged, you guys seem to forget that Bella was MARRIED when it happened. It’s not like she had a kid out of wedlock or anything.

Bella Swan DOES exhibit many emotions, including the ones i’ve mentioned above, and she shows her love and passion whenever she is with Edward. Though she IS boring in New Moon after Edward leaves, that’s only because the LOVE OF HER LIFE JUST LEFT OKAY?!?! Have some sympathy, poor Bella! And becoming friends with Jacob afterwards? That’s purely coincidence that he’s male. Bella feels no romantic feelings for him, so it doesn’t show ANYTHING about her needing a man in her life. They are purely friends.

Also, you’ve gotta admit, the scenes where Edward and Jacob are arguing are pretty funny!

Anyways, Bella Swan is a wonderful character. She has plenty of emotions, just not everyone is mature enough to recognize them. And Kristen obviously MUST have talent to portray Bella so perfectly. You know it’s true!

Peace Out!


Preppy Gurl