Today, I was lucky enough to discover Musical BRILLIANCE in the form of Paris Hiltons debut album. Seriously, WHY doesn’t it have more publicity?!?!?

And seriously, don’t hate on it immediately just because it’s Paris. This is actually a quality, meaningful album, a great buy.

There are all kinds of great songs on here, fun, slow, fast, and the lyrics are actually quite profound and meaningful. Especially considering that Paris is singing them.

This is a great rock/pop album, I felt totally edgy listning to it!

Anyways, the Tracks…….

The tracks are:

  1. Turn it Up. Great, catchy song. My 2nd favorite Paris single!
  2. Fightin’ over Me. A Fun song about having guys fight over you. silly, fun, and totally awesome.
  3. Stars are Blind. A wonderful, deep, seious but still fun song about fame and what it’s really like. The first time I heard it I almost cried. The music video is AMAZING as well.
  4. I Want You. Very relatable, great to sing along to, and explosive chorus. Great song.
  5. Jealousy. Fun, funny, and quite true. An excellent listen.
  6. Heartbeat. One of the more serious songs on the album. Still a FAB song though!
  7. Nothing in this World. Very catchy and great to sing along to.
  8. Screwed. A Frustrated song about a guy who won’t listen or acknowledge you. Fun, fast paced, great to rock out to.
  9. Not Leaving Without You. Totally understandable. Slightly repetitive, but in a good way. Great to sing along to!
  10. Turn You On. Guilty pleasure. Slick and sexy, a great track.
  11. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy. A cover of a song that’s originally by some other guy. After listening to both versions, PARIS ALL THE WAY! She DEFINITELY sings it better.

These are all great songs. “Stars are Blind” and “Screwed” are PERFECT dance/party songs, fun, fast, and upbeat. Very catchy too. Actually, they’re ALL pretty catchy. “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”, is probably one of the most fun songs, perfect to rock out to.

She actually reminds me of Gwen Stefani. She IS like a better version of Gwen Stefani, who I can’t stand. She has fun melodies, catchy tunes and hooks, danceable beats, and great, explosive choruses. Also a bit like Madonna, who I also hate, only without Madonnas weirdness and other sucky stuff. Plus Paris has a better voice and more talent than Gwen AND Madonna COMBINED! She really rocks with this album! I can only hope she makes more music! Please Paris, PLEASE!

I never knew it before, but Paris Hilton is TALENTED! She delivers a wonderful, upbeat, great rock-type album. This is a lot of fun to listen to and will NEVER get old. This is perfect party music, I HIGHLY reccomend it. And for ONLY $9.99 on iTunes? For music this good, that’s really a steal!

Tracks to DEFINITELY buy if you can’t get the whole album:

  • Stars are Blind
  • Screwed
  • Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
  • Turn it Up
  • Jealousy
  • Heartbeat
  • Nothing in This World

But really just buy the whole album! You won’t regret it! GO PARIS! This shows that Paris is beautiful, fun, AND extremely talented. Paris Rocks!! (LITERALLY! Get it? Rocks/Rock album?)