Guys, I have a confession:

I’m NOT serious at all. I don’t mean a thing i’ve posted on this site so far. This is all just a joke. None of this is serious.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. The Harry Potter series is one of my favorite series ever, and I think that JK Rowling is a brilliant writer, while Stephenie Meyer is repetitive and has lousy character development. I agree with almost everything you guys said in your arguments as to why Harry Potter is better, and I DO NOT think Twilight is better. I think that Harry Potter is a fantastic series, totally original and amazing, and Twilight is just a fad. I truly think that Harry Potter will be aorund forever, and Twilight will fade.
I find Bella Swan to be a weak pushover with little personality who sets a bad example for girls everywhere. Edward is a creepy stalker, who acts like a jerk all the time.
I think that Robert Pattison is ugly and should wash his hair. I haven’t seen Kristen is any other movies, and while maybe she is a good actress in OTHER movies, I find her looks plain and average, not particularly beautiful or anything. And I agree that that photo I posted looks like a mug shot. a nice mug shot, but a mug shot nonetheless. Also, I don’t find Jacob hot. All those muscles are creepy and look fake, and he’s not particularly gorgeous himself, I find him rather plain, nearing ugly.

Also, I am a HUGE Helena fan. I think that she is brilliant, and I admire her for being unique and different . I think that she is extremely talented, and I love how she is unique and stands apart from every other fake-tanned, bleach-blond, anorexic stick figure in Hollywood. I also love her style and think she’s beautiful. She is one of my idols, and I felt terrible publishing that article about her. I love her movies, and I’m a fan of Tim Burtons work too.

I am also a Bellatrix fan. I think she’s the best character in the Harry Potter movies, and I love her even more since she is portrayed by Helena, who does a brilliant job. My brother always gets mad at me since I rewind all of the Bellatrix scenes whenever we watch Harry Potter movies with Belatrix in them. My favorite lines by her are, “I killed Sirius Black, you coming to get me?”, and “You dare speak his name, YOU FILTHY HALF-BLOOD!”. I think she’s loyal, independent, strong, beautiful, and basically just an amazing character. Insanity is awesome.

I would also like to add that I HATE Paris Hilton. I think she’s shallow, vain, narcissistic, unremarkable, and an attention w*ore. She has no talent whatsoever, unless you count being a horrible role-model and giving women a bad name. I did not actually even listen to her album. I didn’t want to risk my life by listening to any trash made by Paris. I wrote the review with the help of the iTunes album review and the people on iTunes who had commented on the album. I thought it would be more clear that I was joking, because in the second Paris picture I put up, she was wearing a shirt with her own face on it, which I found just plain creepy, laughable, and narcissistic. Not a good thing.

I would also like people to know that I DO NOT think that Lindsay, Miley, or Selena are talented. Helena has one hundred times the “talent” they have. The day Miley, Lindsay, or Selena ever do a good acting job or produce a decent musical album is the day Hell freezes over. I am a proud anti-Disney person. Most of their “stars” suck and have no talent whatsoever, I mean, “Party in the USA?” SERIOUSLY?!?!

The reason why I did this?ย  First off, I was trying to capture how an average teen girl would think and write. I tried to push it a little, hoping that someone would see that I was only kidding, but nobody seemed to really catch on.

In real life, I have a friend whos a MAJOR Twitard. She even went on a special tour, a trip to Forks, and going around all the spots mentioned in the clearing. She also has a major crush on Edward. I was annoyed, especially when she explained her “reasoning” for loving Twilight.

I just wanted to see if I could write like a typical, shallow, preppy, Twitard teenage girl. I’m guessing from the comments that I was successful. I didn’t intend for it to become this big. My only point in doing this was to have fun, joke around, and subtly poke fun at preps and Twitards everywhere. I also am trying to practice my writing skills, as I would like to write a novel someday.

At my school, there are a lot of spoiled, richย preppy kids. A majority of the girls are Twitards. I try and distance myself from most of these people, but they still piss me off.

Also in real life, I am NOT a prep. To me, being preppy is NOT something to be proud of. I am the kind of person who wants to stand out from the crowd, not blend in. I try to be unique, and always be myself, even if some people don’t like me for it. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t care about so-called “popularity”. I follow myself and no one else.

Lastly, i’d like to apologize to anyone I may have offended. This was all a big joke, but I understand from the comments that I might have offended some people. That was unintentional, and I apologize.

I hope you guys aren’t too mad. Also, I was hoping to continue doing this, even if my little “secret” is out. I had fun doing this (except when I had to insult Helena. I would like to delete that post soon). I found this to be an extremely fascinating thing to do, especially the almost 100% negative feelings towards this. I’m glad there are so many smart people in the world.


A proud, NON-preppy girl. (Girl, NOT Gurl)