To all of you people who posted a link to this site on facebook and other sites back when you thought I was serious, which led to tons of people sending me nasty stuff, arguing what I said, and saying I should go kill myself or that I was a ho bag, I was hoping you might be able to post a link to my NEW post, or to my now-revamped site, so that everyone will hopefully know that this is all just a joke.
I would really appreciate it, as I never intended to alienate Harry Potter fans. I hope we can all eventually band together, as my real intention was to have fun and parody typical, shallow teenagers and Twitards.
I also deleted my Helena post. I’m really sorry about that one. It almost pained me to write it. I didn’t actually come up with any of the things I said, all I did was listen to losers from my school who think Helena was weird. One of them even passed around the magazine that had one of the photos in it, and she was commenting with her friends about it.
In an attempt to make up for my temporary insanity in posting that article, which was out of line and I totally disagreed with, even if I was trying to imitate a shallow prep, I have made Helena my new icon. I love that picture of her, (my icon, I mean), I especially love that hairstyle she has.