I logged onto my “preppy gurl” email account today, (It’s only a secondary account I made for this site), and I found another phony “You Won!” type email. As you all saw, the last email of this type I recieved was quite well-made, realistic, and potentially convincing. This one, as you can see, is not:

“(No Subject)‏

Your mail-Id has been Awarded £750,000. in the GNLD End Of Year Promo send your.
Name: ..address”
I actually found this one even funnier, as whoever sent it clearly put no effort into it to make it convincing, and was either just trying to send me spam, or was honestly deluded into thinking I, (or ANYONE else for that matter), would be fooled by something as ridiculously poorly done as that.
Though these stupid, “You’ve Won!” spam emails are quite hilarious, please, stop wasting my time with stuff that looks/was done by amateurs. If you REALLY want to fool me, or anyone else, try a little harder, and make it well done. I don’t even need to point out what was wrong, badly done, or unrealistic about the above email.
Another one I got was this one:
“Earn an accelerated MB8A in less than a week!‏
From: stevetellster (stevetellster@gmail.com)
Sent: Thu 10/21/10 3:35 AM
Attachments: 1 attachment | Download all attachments (59.6 KB)
  degree_in…pdf (59.6 KB) “



And though the mistakes in that second one are also very obvious and visible, I feel the need to remind the sender that it’s MBA, NOT “MB8A”. Honestly!
Spam/Pranksters, GET A LIFE! Or if you’re going to send stupid fake emails like this one, though your awful errors provide excellent comic relief, they worry me, I mean, I had no idea people were that stupid! Please get an education and THEN try spamming me, maybe THEN i’ll believe you!
Just saying,
Sarcastic Girl