I would like everyone reading this to know that this blog is NOT serious.

 I disagree with almost every single thing I’ve said on here.

In this blog, I am trying to write like an average, shallow teen girl, but I’m only doing this for fun. I thought people would catch on, since I tried to exagerrate a little, but apparently not.

Please see my “Don’t Take This Seriously” post for more details, but anyways, this is my disclaimer; THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR REAL! THIS IS ALL JUST FOR FUN.

My main aim was to have fun, practice my writing skills, and subtly poke fun at shallow people and twitards everywhere. I’m glad that there are so many SMART people who have commented on here rebutting everything i’ve written.

I am always looking for new stuff to write about from a typical teen girl perspective, please either comment or send me an email at preppygurl500@hotmail.com